Better late than never they say, so here’s a short report on what went on during the weekend for Playmore Games!

Jouni prototyping R2NP @ Lautapelaamaan 2014

Jouni prototyping R2NP @ Lautapelaamaan 2014

As you might have seen the biggest board game event in Finland was held this weekend. Playmore Games was of course attending, so we packed up our bags and prototypes and drove to Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki to show our latest stuff. After Essen we made some modifications to Race to the North Pole and were anxious to show it around. Overall it was played around 15 times during the weekend. We were also showing the prototype for Hexscape and a completely really early prototype of a new battle arena -type of a game that is still under some heavy work.

A lot of people attended the event which was really fun to see. There were around 30 tables and a counter where you could rent games (for free though) and just play away. I was glad to see that filling the empty seats in game tables was a small worry – there were always people hanging around and just waiting to have a go at some awesome game. What was also really cool to see, that there were a lot of families with children. The next generation of board gaming geeks! This generation will grow up playing really awesome games.

Theme and title for the game still pending (tm)

Theme and title for the game still pending ™

The reception was yet again really good and encouraging and we also got load of good feedback and ideas. Especially for the early prototype for the arena game , as it was a real hit with the players but the overall theme will go through a huge change in the near future.

We also had time to play some games. Some friends from the Arctic Union were also present so we managed to have a few rounds of Black Hat and one round of Realm of Wonder in the late hours of Sunday. Both games were really fun! So if you haven’t still backed Black Hat in Kickstarter do it now! And Realm of Wonder is on the shelves already so go buy and support some awesome Finnish gaming houses!

Race to the North Pole - coming to stores 2015 near you!

Race to the North Pole – coming to stores 2015 near you!

Over all the weekend was really fun and successful. Although it was a far cry from Essen (well, everything is!) I think the event does really good things for the board gaming scene. And especially seeing that it wasn’t just hobbyists, but people of all age!

Next year you’ll be seeing much more from Playmore Games at the Lautapelaamaan event!