Audio Director

About us

Playmore Games started when 2 geeks founded their own company and somehow got enough funding to hire 2 other geeks and one beautiful mermaid (who is writing this job ad). Now, with even more funding, we are able to expand and hire actually talented people.

We published our first board game, Race to the North Pole, in 2015, and amassed a wealth of knowledge and networks in the board games industry. Now we’re focusing our attention on making an amazing app that will help people find, learn, enhance, and play more games.


Dized is the revolutionary smartphone app that will change how people learn and play board games. No more studying before a game, you can now skip the rulebook and learn while playing. Dized also has a powerful rule lookup tool, a tool to help you set your games up, and more. We’re always cooking up cool features for the app!

The position

You will work on both the overall Dized app and the actual content within (tutorials, rule lookups, etc.). For the overall Dized app, you will work with the Product Manager and Art Director to source and create audio and sound effects for the UI.

For the content in Dized, you will work with the Tutorial Designer and Lead Artist to source and create audio and sound effects that are thematically appropriate. Most of our audio will be sourced from outside companies and individuals, and you will be responsible for finding and contracting this.

Each tutorial has full voiceover in at least one language, but several of the tutorials will have multiple. You will be in charge of finding talent, directing, and recording voiceover, which has to fit the theme of the tutorial. For localised tutorials, you will be in charge of communicating with voiceover production that happens in different countries.

As the Audio Director, you will also be in charge of any other audio we might need for commercials, videos, mock ups, and anything else we cook up.

We also go to a lot of conventions and conferences around the world, and we want to take you with us! If traveling the world and expanding your network in the games industry sounds good, this job is definitely for you.

Remote applicants are welcome, but you should be willing to fly into Helsinki about once a month.

Your main tasks will be:

  • Sourcing, creating, and maintaining audio for the Dized app
  • Sourcing, and creating audio and sound effects for tutorials
  • Overseeing implementation of audio into the app
  • Sourcing, creating, and directing audio for commercials, videos, and anything else we make
  • Sourcing, directing, and recording voiceover
  • Communicating with outside contractors
  • Communicating with international voiceover production
  • Communicating with outside partners
  • Working with established brands to make sure the audio is in line with their brand
  • Researching and devising ways to make music a bigger part of Dized


  • Experience working as a leader in the field of audio
  • Experience and understanding of the whole audio process
  • Knowledge of game engine technology in relation to audio
  • Excellent project management and planning skills
  • Excellent English written and verbal skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to motivate yourself and take initiative

Bonus points

  • Experience working with Unity
  • Knowledge of different board games, their designers and publishers
  • Experience with video production and editing
  • German or French language skills

If you are interested in this position, send over your CV and portfolio of work. We want to hear why you are interested in working with us, so include a few lines about that in your email.

Email us at moc.s1498608563emage1498608563romya1498608563lp@sb1498608563oj1498608563  with your name and the job title you are applying for in the subject line or use the application form below. Please also include your salary requirement in the body of your email. 

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