Our company is now two months old and finally we have some time to talk about all the other stuff we’ve been doing besides the crowdfunding campaign – as it’s not the only thing that has been filling our days.

After the Pielisen Messut -fare our priority has been constructing a new prototype for Race to the North Pole. The new board is a lot heftier with a better graphical illustrations – although it’s still a farcry from the product we have imagined should the campaign succeed. In this version you can finally see the actual North Pole – the goal of the game – in the middle of the board. As it doesn’t rotate with the board, it adds a completely new spice to the mixture!

Race to the North Polen toinen prototyyppi.

The second prototype of Race to the North Pole.

To celebrate midsummer we launched a new competition. This time all of the backers in the campaign will participate in a draw for free Fusion board games for next 10 years – if we manage to gather 8000 euros to the campaign before the end of June. Let’s hope for the best! More competitions are of course coming up!

Before we were able to go celebrate the midsummer we made a visit to Keski-Uusimaa newspapers’ office. A reporter had heard about our campaign and firm and wanted to do a piece. We got to demonstrate Race to the North Pole brilliantly and the story is expected to hit the newspaper within a week. And don’t worry, you wont miss it as we will make sure that we’ll plaster our wall with announcements as soon as the ink is dry. Earlier this week we already were covered in both dome.fi and lautapeliopas.fi.

Jouni antamassa haastattelua Keski-Uusimaahan. Etualalla fuusionoppamme!

Jouni giving an interview to Keski-Uusimaa.

The few days off meant more time to play board games! We had the new prototype for Race to the North pole to test out and also even more testing of the Big Splash -card game. Both were played numerous times with people who had never even seen the games before. We got a lot of good reviews and comments like: “I want this game now” – which was awesome. Of course other games were played too, for example Seven Wonders, that has an awesome Civilization-esque mechanic of realm building that I really love.

Jouni testaamassa Race to the North Polen uutta protoa.

Testing the new prototype for Race to the North Pole

Come next week we’ll be hopefully showing you the T-shirt we’ve been promising in our crowd funding campaign AND shoot a new video for Race to the North Pole that will explain better the mechanics of the game. And we have a new other things under work that we’re not able yet to shed the light on!

But – thanks for reading! This was the first blog entry of the semi-official Playmore Games blog, more coming out soon!

Send any questions to the comment field and/or to our Facebook page and we’ll make sure to answer them here!