Race to the North Pole 2nd edition release is almost upon us.

Some of you might have been wondering what are the differences between the first and soon to be released second edition of the Race to the North Pole. The most important thing to note is that the game is still exactly the same. A larger print run allowed us the improve some components and here’s a list of the changes made to the second edition:

Art: The box art has been updated. Character names were removed from the Team Boards. Rulebook cover was remade. The style of the axle was improved to fit the theme better.

Axle: Design was improved.

Gameplay and Rules:
 No changes, but rule clarifications on wordings.

Localization: Added new translations. Three different print sets exists for 2nd Edition. These are:

International with English, French, German and Spanish.
Nordic with English, Finnish and Swedish.
Polish with English and Polish.

Meeples: Pawn symbols are now engraved on pawns and the sticker sheet was removed. Two new wooden parts were added: a polar bear and a snowflake.

The second edition will be available in the United States this August and it can be bought at the Gen Con 2016 @ Indianapolis as well. In Europe the second edition will hit the stores in September.

A Polish version titled ‘Wyprawa na Biegun’ will also be released in Poland this year well before Christmas.