Oooooh yeaaaah! It’s Gen Con time!

Gen Con 2016 (4-7th of August) is just about to begin and it’s pretty much impossible NOT to be excited about it! Last year there were over 60000 unique visitors and 500+ exhibitors, but those numbers will surely be exceeded this year. The actual event opens up on the 4th of August, but as exhibitors we need to setup our booths a day or two early. The weather there looks to be warm at 28-32°C, hot even by Finnish standards. Some rain is forecast, but as the event is held indoors, we don’t really care. :p

Jouni and Tomi are about to land in Indianapolis in couple of hours. They even sent us a picture this morning!

Tomi ja Jouni to GenCon

Me and Anna are joining Our Mighty Leaders tomorrow. Our flight actually leaves in twelve hours and lasts nearly 20 with two connecting flights. So now it’s time to pack up!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot:

Race to the North Pole 2nd Edition will be released in North America at Gen Con with Europe following in early September. We’re super hyped about this as Dized will be released at roughly the same time! To be more accurate, we’ll be adding final animations and polish to the app before the release. This all will happen before September.

During Gen Con you’ll find us at the booth #2906 where we’ll be demoing Race to the North Pole 2nd Edition and Dized.

The revolution to replace the rulebooks begins…soon! 😀