A Splendid weekend has passed quickly and Ropecon is now behind us. Playmore Games had a table at “Experience Point”, where new games are demoed at Ropecon. World’s first Fusion Board Game Race to the North Pole got vigorous playing through the weekend.

Ropecon is Finland’s biggest annual role and board gaming event. It took place in Espoo 25.-27. of July 2014. The atmosphere was quite hot due to the great summer weather outside. For some reason it seemed all the rest of the event that took place in “Dipoli” was well air-conditioned except our little demo area downstairs. Or maybe we just really got into it? The hot climate never slowed our players down though.

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We were demoing our game on each day, a total of 21 hours throughout the weekend. We went through 24 games and a total of 68 different players tried out Race to the North Pole. The average duration for the game with explanation of the rules included was 40 minutes.

We noticed that people’s energy levels started to tone down on Sunday. The undoubtably rough weekend was taking it’s toll. Despite that the players kept showing up with the right attitude to race for the North Pole till the very end!

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We also included some Fusion Board Game features in the game. We had a smart device on which we ran a weather simulation, which replaced the original weather mechanic in the game. This makes the board turn more unexpectedly. We also included one team in the game that was only available on a smart device. Some players even wanted to create their own content for the game on the blank pieces that are provided with any Fusion Board Game.

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It was great to see that Race to the North Pole was well received and feedback was positive all over. Happy to say, that some people also took part in our crowdfunding campaign during the event.

I want to thank Makke and Nuna, whose huge help was really needed this weekend. Also I want to thank the volunteering people who put Ropecon together. Especially the “bouncers”, who guided people towards our table. We never had a quiet moment around our game! And a huge thank you to everyone who visited our stand and played the game. You made this weekend truly amazing!

In the words on Wil Wheaton: Playmore Games!


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