Finalists (Picture: Kasvu Open/Tero Takalo-Eskola)

Playmore Games took part in Kasvu Open (Growth Open) event in Finland, where selected companies get to spar with professionals and experts from different industries, commonly knows as “grinders”. For some reason winds were right for our company and we were chosen to take part in the national finals that took place last week in Jyväskyläs Pavilion. Our participation included a couple of happy surprises!

A total of 60 companies were selected for the finals out of 347 that applied. Present were also 60 grinders and naturally a whole bunf of other guests of honor, panelists, speakers and what ever one might expect to find in a national finals event.

Thursday was spent getting to know the companies and sitting down with grinders. With Playmore we mainly focused on getting funding and we managed to walk out with a lot of information, ideas and even potential funding!

All the companies spend their days in the workshops with grinders as other participants had other program available with speakers such as Arman Alizad and Martin Williams. In the evening a great party with a “harvest the growth” theme took place. Even Playmore Games stopped by on the stage to lighten the mood. The real star of the show was however Youtube sensation Steven’n’Seagulls. We can warmly recommend this band for everyone, they really put the show on another level. The evening carried a lot of fruitful conversations among networking.


Steve’n’Seagulls rocking up the evening party

Night’s sleep was short but it didn’t really matter for Friday’s going. The twelve companies competing for the title of winner was announced in the morning and unfortunately Playmore Games was not one of them. These companies got to pitch from the big stage. For us this was a downer and because of it we took the opportunity to storm the backstage during morning’s coffee break with approximately these words: “An entrepreneur needs to have balls and I’m showing it by storming in here uninvited. I request that my boldness is rewarded with an opportunity to pitch my company from the big stage during today.” In the afternoon Matti Härkönen from Kasvun Roihu Oy told me, that “You get what you bargain for. Playmore Games gets to pitch just before the award ceremony at 2:45 PM.”

So, at quarter to four Playmore Games climbed on the big staged and went for it. Audience had a few hundred members with some influential people like Mauri Pekkarinen and the Commander of the Finnish Air Force might’ve been there as well. Our pitch was also streamed live online by Finnish Broadcatisting Company (YLE). The pitch might not win any competitions but at least we stayed on people’s minds. That’s a small victory at least? A bigger jackpot was probably, when the CEO of Technopolis Keith Silverang handed us the same prize as the competition winners. Boldness paid off.

After The Spiel in Germany and Kasvu Open finals in Finland Playmore Games has now such a drive going on that only good things can follow. We recommend you to stay updated and hint any investors you might know, that right now might be a very good time to invest into us. Runway’s clear for takeoff!


Pitchin’ Selfie