Lead Artist

About us

Playmore Games started when 2 geeks founded their own company and somehow got enough funding to hire 2 other geeks and one beautiful mermaid (who is writing this job ad). Now, with even more funding, we are able to expand and hire actually talented people.

We published our first board game, Race to the North Pole, in 2015, and amassed a wealth of knowledge and networks in the board games industry. Now we’re focusing our attention on making an amazing app that will help people find, learn, enhance, and play more games.


Dized is the revolutionary smartphone app that will change how people learn and play board games. No more studying before a game, you can now skip the rulebook and learn while playing. Dized also has a powerful rule lookup tool, a tool to help you set your games up, and more. We’re always cooking up cool features for the app!

The position

You will be in charge of designing the overall look and feel of interactive board game tutorials. This includes 3D objects and textures, particle effects, UI, icons, and any other graphics relating to your project. You should be comfortable working with third party assets as we incorporate as much of the original board game artwork as possible. You will be working on multiple projects in a huge variety of styles and themes. We value creative freedom and we are always looking for fresh and fun ideas. We work in small teams, so you will mainly be communicating with your tutorial designer, programmer, and sound designer. You will have support and guidance from the art director, but ultimately you will be leading the art on your projects.

We also go to a lot of conventions and conferences around the world, and we try and take any team members that want to go with us. If travelling the world and expanding your network in the games industry sounds good, this job is definitely for you!

Lastly, we learn on the job all the time. If you think you don’t meet all the requirements below, but are amazing in one particular field and want to learn to be amazing in others as well – please feel free to apply. We are looking for passionate people!


  • Experience with low poly modelling and texturing
  • Experience in UI and UX design
  • Proficient in the use of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience in Blender and Substance Painter or similar software
  • Good English language skills
  • Ability to motivate yourself and take initiative

Bonus points

  • Knowledge of different board games
  • Experience with high poly modelling
  • Experience with motion graphics
  • Experience with print design
  • Experience in working with Unity
  • Experience in web design and coding
  • German or French language skills

If you are interested in this position, send over your CV and portfolio of work. We want to hear why you are interested in working with us, so include a few lines about that in your email.

Email us at moc.s1498133497emage1498133497romya1498133497lp@sb1498133497oj1498133497  with your name and the job title you are applying for in the subject line or use the application form below. Please also include your salary requirement in the body of your email. 

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