As I promised in my last post all the material is now available in the wonderful world of Youtube. First of all, we made a completely new crowdfunding intro to our Mesenaatti page. In this short introvideo you can easily see how the game is played.


For the interested parties we also have a proper gamingvideo. Jouni, Lasse, Iina and Nuna played a round of R2NP and we filmed the whole session. As with all the beta tests, this was also full of unexpected situations and surprises. Although it’s in Finnish, we’ll make subtitles available AT THE FIRST REQUEST! Go check the video out from here.

And if you want to actually see the game in it’s physical form, now’s your chance. Go check out Ropecon homepages and book yourself a ticket, since we’ll be demoing the game in the event! So come and say hello and play a few rounds with us!

We’re also trying to arrange a showup for the Assembly Summer 2014, but we’ll let you later on how this is going. Also, we have plans to show our products in a rather big fair towards the end of the year, we’re really excited about this! Fingers crossed!

Oh, and of course, remember to support our crowdfunding campaing! Let’s make this happen people! (Note! The gaming evening with chef made menu is a real treat that will be tailored to the flavor palettes of the guests, I really suggest to hurry with these packages while they’re still available!)