I spent two days in a pitching event in Joensuu in Finland. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to join the event that was led by two world-class pitching coaches, Beth Susanne and Paul Kallmes. By world-class I mean they professionally coach startups, businesses and people alike in and for Silicon Valley, California; The center of technology-oriented business.

And we got value in loads! Not only were the lectures they gave right on money but us start-ups spent a great amount of time fixing our own pitches towards the quality they need to be. I’m not saying I mastered everything in two days (not by a long shot) but after Beth and Paul’s inspiring touch it was pretty obvious how important coaching is.

When we compared the five minute long pitches from the first day to the ones we tuned up and did on the second the difference was crystal clear. According to Beth’s presentation it takes 90 hours to build and practice a proper 5 minute pitch. Sounded surprising at first but I fully believe it now.

I wish I had this opportunity a year ago but on the other hand maybe this was exactly the right time to do it. Now that we have our product in development it’s time to go out there and tell the world – I now know how!