Playmore Games Inc. that designs tabletop games and their digital extensions has closed a 250 000 euro Angel round. The investment will allow the company to develop their Dized-application as well as a more comprehensive worldwide tabletop game distribution.

CEO and founder Jouni Jussila

CEO and co-founder Jouni Jussila

– The tabletop game market has been growing worldwide for years and the same phenomenon can be seen in Finland. The world is digitizing at a rapid rate and this applies to the tabletop gaming industry as well, where the phenomenon is still relatively fresh. We have innovated a smart device application named Dized, that will allow an digital upgrade for every board game out there, says CEO Jouni Jussila.

Playmore Games received several Angel investments in the round, some of which came from companies and the rest from private investors. The largest investments were from the Joensuu companies Nolwenture Ltd. and Davigia Ltd. Nolwenture Ltd. will also be a part of developing Dized.

Antti Vikman, the CEO of Nolwenture Ltd., sees great potential in the Dized- application.

–  Dized is going to revolutionize current and future tabletop games with new content. On top of this it will make games easier to access, which will increase their popularity further.

The traditional board game will not disappear

Founders Jouni Jussila and Tomi Vainikka @ Pielisen messut 2015

Founders Jouni Jussila and Tomi Vainikka @ Pielisen messut 2015

Playmore Games Inc. was established two years ago to develop and publish modern tabletop games. On top of that the company has always been planning to create a digital service for board games, which would be useful to everyone from developers to players. The first proof of concept of Dized that was released with the company’s first board game showed that traditional board games can benefit significantly of additional digital content.

We want to demonstrate that the Finnish game industry innovations work on a broad front.  Our first game, Race to the North Pole, has successfully proven that  smart devices can be easily used alongside board games. The traditional board game will not disappear, Dized will just create better gaming experiences for everyone, Jussila states.

Further information: CEO Jouni Jussila, +358 46 9200 885

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