Here are some hot thoughts from our trip to Essen Spiel 2014 –fare!

We were kindly invited to join the Arctic Union to showcase our products at the annual boardgaming expo in Germany. The largest in the world I might add. Even though we didn’t have anything concrete to sell, we knew that the opportunity was too good to pass. So we booked our flights and the hotel and went to have a look how the board gaming world would welcome us, and our products – basically a scouting mission.

Jouni outside Spiel

Jouni outside Spiel.

We arrived in Germany Wednesday morning along with other gaming enthusiast. Hot off the airplane we met a lot of new faces from the Finnish board gaming scene. We attached ourselves to a couple of friendly Finns who had the same direction and took the train to the Spiel.

At the expo the day started busy. We didn’t even have time to start unpacking when we Timo (who arranges the whole Arctic Union booth) brings in the first few interested parties – so the demoing started right away, just the way we like it. After a long day of setting up our booth, showcasing products, making friends and networking we arrived at our hotel exhausted. The day didn’t end there though, as every night, we went out for some dinner and wine with fellows from the Arctic Union.


Demoing Race to the North Pole

Thursday was the first actual day of the fair – and the most important one at that, since the press was all over the place. We talked with people, played a lot of games and made loads of contacts – as planned. We had a table for Race to the North Pole which was played around ~35 during the fare. And as the average game length was around 30 minutes with 10 minutes before and after for rule explaining and feedback, we pretty much played through the whole fair. I don’t think our table was empty more than 5 minutes tops!

And the feedback was awesome!

Race to the North Pole score from 79 feedbacks at Essen 2014

Race to the North Pole with Fusion app!

Race to the North Pole with Fusion app!

(Scoring 0-3 points)

Was it fun? 2.62

Game Length: 2.54

Graphics: 1.83

Rules easy enough: 2.72

Play again: 2.58

Total score: 2.46 / 3

And for the graphics, we’ve already started work on our next prototype, which will be a LOT more visually stunning. As for the rest of the feedback – encouraging to say the least.

Hexscape is coming!

Hexscape is coming!

We also showed a prototype of Hexscape. As it is an early build, we didn’t play it but let’s just say that the comments we got from the proto, we’ll be arranging a Kickstarter of it in early 2015.

Of course our Fusion Board Games gathered a lot of interest too. We didn’t have any doubts on the concept ourselves, but now we are quite sure that the board gaming world is ready for the next revolution.

All in all the city of Essen was filled with board gaming enthusiasts and the weekend was really awesome. We can’t wait for the next year when we have finished products to show and sell. We’ll be making our mark in the board gaming world and we’re really excited on the future of Playmore Games, Fusion Board Games and all the other innovations we’re going to bring to the tables of the world.


The Arctic Union booth @ Spiel 2014

The Arctic Union booth @ Spiel 2014