Nurmes 13.5.2014

Next Generation’s Fusion Board Games come from Finland

The brand new start-up company Playmore Games is aiming to design and release new and innovative fusion board games. In these games, the clever mechanics of modern board games are fused together with the possibilities of new generation smart devices.

The games are designed to work straight from the box as fun and ingenious board games, but the smart device integration allows, among other things, brand new mechanics, possibility to modify the games, create extra content and share it with other people and communities. Both the company and the players are responsible for creating the new content and this guarantees extra long life for the games.

“Fusion board games are completely unheard of and our goal is to show that the fast moving Finnish gaming industry works in a wide front. Board games are making a huge comeback, people just need to find them again. Our innovation strives towards this end”, says Jouni Jussila, one of the founding members of the company.

First games are to be released this Christmas and several others are already in the making. These are funded with crowdfunding campaigns, that will begin before the summer. All the games are printed in Finland under the “design from Finland” brand.  The fusion-features are designed so that they work with all modern smart devices and they will be on sold through appstores and Playmore Games website.

For extra information, you can contact:

Jouni Jussila, *protected email*

Tomi Vainikka, *protected email*

*protected email*