Regional Social Media Manager (France)

About us

Playmore Games started when 2 geeks founded their own company and somehow got enough funding to hire 2 other geeks and one beautiful mermaid (who is writing this job ad). Now, with even more funding, we are able to expand and hire actually talented people.

We published our first board game, Race to the North Pole, in 2015, and amassed a wealth of knowledge and networks in the board games industry. Now we’re focusing our attention on making an amazing app that will help people find, learn, enhance, and play more games.


Dized is the revolutionary smartphone app that will change how people learn and play board games. No more studying before a game, you can now skip the rulebook and learn while playing. Dized also has a powerful rule lookup tool, a tool to help you set your games up, and more. We’re always cooking up cool features for the app!

The position

You will work closely with our social media manager, as well as the core Dized team to generate social media and community content. You will have to match our brand’s tone in any communication and public posts. You will need to develop regional campaign strategies to acquire and engage followers on several platforms. You will have the creative freedom to pitch fun community building ideas, and we will do our best to accommodate them with a team and budget.

You will be in charge of our regional social media streams; Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. as well as our regional monthly newsletter and blog. You will be active in communities that our target audience is active in, like Reddit and BoardGameGeek, as well as region specific channels. You will be active in your regional communities and have a strong network of contacts withing your region. You will use social media analytics tools to measure and analyse critical data like engagement, reach, and impressions.

Later this year we will be running a crowdfunding campaign, and your efforts will be focused solely on creating content and acquiring users in your region for that. A strong understanding and experience with crowdfunding campaigns is crucial.

We also go to a lot of conventions and conferences around the world, and we want to take you with us! If traveling the world and expanding your network in the games industry sounds good, this job is definitely for you.

While we prefer someone who will be in our Helsinki office on a daily basis, remote applicants are welcome.


  • Experience as a social media manager, community builder, or related field
  • Experience with popular and not-so-popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Experience with your region’s social platforms
  • Active in your region’s board game and tabletop communities
  • Good English written and verbal skills
  • Excellent French written and verbal language skills
  • Experience creating interesting and creative social media campaigns
  • Experience with social media analytics tools
  • Experience with crowdfunding campaigns and the confidence to pitch crazy ideas that will generate pledges
  • Willingness to travel the world, going to conventions and conferences
  • Knowledge of emoticons and when to use them 🔥
  • Knowledge of different board games, their designers and publishers
  • Ability to motivate yourself and take initiative

Bonus points

  • Experience running a successful board game crowdfunding campaign
  • You have a BoardGameGeek account and you know how to talk to geeks
  • You have a Reddit account and you know how to talk to Redditors
  • Experience with video production and editing
  • German skills

If you are interested in this position, send over your CV and portfolio of work. We want to hear why you are interested in working with us, so include a few lines about that in your email.

Email us at moc.s1498460723emage1498460723romya1498460723lp@sb1498460723oj1498460723  with your name and the job title you are applying for in the subject line or use the application form below. Please also include your salary requirement in the body of your email. 

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