startmeupWhile our company is still young, we’ve already received some success in business idea competitions. A few months back Joensuu sciencepark arranged Startmeup -business idea competition that gathered nearly 250 participants from Finland and other countries. We participated with our Fusion Board Games idea and made it to the top 16!

“The judges announced that all together the quality of the business ideas was really high this year. International participants all over the world brought up 42 ideas and for example the idea for Green Growth inspired 20 competitors. The businessideas were rated on how they can be executed, how innovative they are, do they have possibility for growth and the possibility of going international.”

In the finals we went to introduce our idea for the judges. All in all we didn’t manage to make it top the top3 although we got a LOT of positive feedback.

We’re also participating in Kasvu OpeniinOur business has also attracted a lot of attention here, since we just heard that we’ve made the finals! 350 different companies took part and 60 were handpicked to continue. We’re introducing our company in the finals later on in the fall. Let’s hope for the best!

We’ve been asked a few times why we decided to crowdfund our game and why we chose Mesenaatti and not for examply Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

Well first of all the reason why we decided to crowdfund was simple: making boardgames is really expensive. Just to get the game ready to be pressed is a several thousand euro investment. And to add to this the expenses for the pressing in the factory, the sum will get easily in the five digit numbers. Our small business doesn’t have this much money to invest right now and the idea of selling the game to a bigger company didn’t sound that attractive either.

Crowdfunding gives us the opportunity to realize the vision we have in our heads. We can hire the graphic designer we want, produce all the Fusion features as soon as the game hits the market AND keep the actual publishing rights to ourselves.

We chose mesenaatti for the simple reason, that using Kickstarter or Indiegogo is a bit tricky due to the taxation legislation in Finland. This we could have handled, but the second problem is a bit tougher one – the Finnish Postal Service. If we’d let people from outside Finland buy the game, we would have had to put an EXPENSIVE mailing package as one of the backers packages. Interested parties can inquire how much it actually costs to post a 1,5 kg package to for example South-America or Australia. A LOT. If our campaign would have an super expensive mailing package, we’d get a lot of negative publicity. As soon as we figure this stuff out, we’re going to open up campaigns (and sales) to other countries too!

Oh, the new crowdfunding and gaming videos for Race to the North Pole are still in post-edit, they’ll be available for your viewing pleasure next week!