Helsinki 13.11.2014

The next generation’s board games are released next year

The Finnish company Playmore Games Inc. is releasing entirely new and innovative Fusion Board Games. These games combine the clever mechanics of modern board games and the extensive possibilities of modern smart devices.

The fun and clever Fusion Board Games are designed to work straight from the box without any extra devices, but having one (or several) enables players to modify the games, have completely different kind of mechanics in games, create new content and to share it online. Extra content is created by the company itself and the community, which guarantees a lifespan that extends well beyond any other board games.

”We have previewed our Fusion Board Games, for example, in the world’s biggest boardgaming fair in Essen Germany, and the reception was really enthusiastic. Board games are making a huge comeback and our quality games and bleeding edge innovation guarantee us a place on the top,” explains CEO Jouni Jussila.

The first Fusion Board Games will be released in the first half of 2015 and several others are in development. The Fusion apps are designed to work on all modern smart devices and they will be available in all application stores and on the homepages of Playmore Games.

Extra info can be attained from:

Jouni Jussila, +358451143575, *protected email*

Tomi Vainikka, +358408404748, *protected email*

*protected email*