We started our summer in the beginning of June with a trip to the land of tea and lemon. No, not South Africa – but England! Although the tea and lemons were quite difficult to locate (hidden in the hotel room cupboard), our trip was a major success on multiple fronts. We met with plenty of board game fans, saw the new upcoming games and made tons of new contacts. But most importantly we came to spread the joy of Dized and Race to the North Pole and OH BOY! – that’s exactly what we did. You see, this was the very first time we had a build of Dized with us to show to the grand public. If you’ve absolutely no idea what I’m talking here and are still reading this after reading past TWO orange Dized -links you should definitely head to Dized website right now!

The event took place at the Birmingham NEC which was a definite upgrade over the maze-like Hilton lobby used in previous years. This year Hilton was a general playroom area for both tournaments and casual players a like and as the main networking location on evenings. Couple drinks and some games as an evening activity sounded as good as always.

Our hotel, Crowne Plaza was less than a kilometer away so the daily walk wasn’t bad at all. Especially since it took us around the gorgeous lake between us.



Shopping Center next to Crowne Plaza


The booth setup and construction was quick and surprisingly painless, thanks to the expertise of Jouni and Tomi. I felt useful, although it was my virgin run building pretty much anything else than a Descent board.

On thursday we built the booth and made sure that all the displays etc worked as intended.


We managed to build the booth so quick that at some point it looked like we were the only people at the main exhibition area:


…but boy did that escalate quickly as the event opened up on friday!

We met Eric Lang whom absolutely loves the idea of Dized.


…and Tom Vasel, whom was bit sore after losing a dance competition to Dizey.


Plenty of people!

UKGE Moments Later Gimped


This one is from our press event. Even Dizey took part, although …it looks quite sedated. Perhaps a wee bit too much of dihydrogen monoxide? Nasty stuff, I’ve heard…

Oh, have you heard of Czech Games Edition? Their press guys are on the right. Needless to say, we stole the show. 🙂

Jouni ja Dizey Gimped

Our main goal at the UKGE was to inform people about Dized and how it can help people, no matter of their role in the “industry chain”. Dized was very well received although the version we had with us was a barely-in-time-for-UKGE alpha. Players, designers and publishers all seemed to love the concept.

Anyways if you couldn’t make it to the UKGE this year, you’ll have a chance to meet us (and Dized) at GenCon 2016 (Aug 4.-7. in Indianapolis, IN, USA) where you’ll be able to find us at the booth 2906. We’re eager to show a more refined version of Dized there! We’ll be present also at Spiel ’16 (October 13.-16. in Essen, Germany) so we definitely hope to see YOU there! 🙂

Take care!

P.S. 2nd edition of Race to the North Pole will be available in September.