Recently our artist got fed up. He got tired of seeing his beautifully crafted images lose all quality when uploaded to Facebook. We tried many combination of image sizes, formats, and resolutions – every image we put on Facebook seemed to upload horribly. We got to a point where we looked at bigger brand’s Facebook pages, with their gorgeous picture quality, and were sure there was a conspiracy against our images.

Accurate representation of our artist when dealing with Facebook

Thinking back on what I used to do for mobile games that used a lot of 2D art, I suddenly rememberd that PNG compressors exist. I ran our original PNG through the compressor, and was amazed at the results.

In a nutshell, these are the steps we took:

  1. Create your image normally
  2. Resize image to a more manageable size (we had ours at 800 x 800 pixels)
  3. Save as a PNG
  4. Run the image through a PNG compressor, such as CompressPNG
  5. Upload to Facebook!

Yes, it’s that easy. The difference in quality was incredible. As a comparison, take a look at our other attempts below.


Original Picture

The original file. The image looks clear and sharp.


Facebook compression

First failed attempt: Uploaded straight to Facebook as a PNG. Notice the quality around the edges and the text.


Facebook compression

Second failed attempt: We resized the image, and saved it as a tiny JPEG in Photoshop. It’s not much better than Facebook’s own compression at this stage.


Best compression

Success! The final image that we uploaded to Facebook, with PNG compression. Check out the live image here.

I hope this blog post helps someone with their own Facebook compression headaches. We are going to continue to try and upload the best possible images, and if we find an even better way we’ll definitely make another post. 😊 If you have any tricks that you use yourself, let us know in the comments or on Facebook!