About Us


Playmore Games Inc. is a gaming company that designs and publishes table top games, as well as Dized, the interactive game rules tutorial app!

The company is a brainchild of two enthusiastic gamers and game designers; Jouni Jussila and Tomi Vainikka.

Board games are rapidly becoming more popular yet the market seems to lack the kind of games we have always wanted to play. These are games that let the gamer use their imagination and creativity by adding more content to the game themselves. Games that use clever ideas and take advantage of current technology.

We believe that gaming trend in the future will lead people playing more together. Gathering in one place has always been natural and a necessity for people and we believe it will always be. That’s why concrete tabletop will always have a place in the gaming industry. We want to do our part by providing people with games, with which time spent together is a true celebration!

The Playmore Games (developing Dized) team is a passionate team of board gamers, developers and artists, now 20 strong, and international at heart.

Company info

Finnish company registration number (Y-tunnus): 2616425-7
Hometown: Nurmes, Finland (Office in Helsinki, Finland)