Careers at Playmore Games

We're Hiring!

We’re Playmore Games and we’re creating Dized – a revolutionary smart device app that will change how people learn and play board games. No more studying before a game, you can now skip the rulebook and learn while playing. Dized also has a powerful rule lookup tool, a tool to help you set your games up, and so much more!

We are looking for someone enthusiastic that wants to change the world with us, and is willing to put in the work to do so. Everyone at the company is passionate about board games, and we are all striving to make Dized the best possible product.

We’re based in Helsinki, but we love our international team members, and our official office language is English. If you’re thinking of making a change and moving here, we offer some relocation assistance. Check out our Living in Helsinki page for some information on why living here is pretty great. Some of our job offers also allow for working remotely.

Make sure to include a few lines in your email about why you think Playmore Games is for you, or what makes you perfect for the role and company. We really want to get to know you, since we all work together every day. We don’t take life too seriously, and creative resumes are a great way to catch our eye.

What we offer

  • Friendly and relaxed atmosphere
  • Flexible work schedule
  • The right tools for your job – what do you need? We’ll do our best to get it for you!
  • Competitive salary
  • Relocation assistance
  • Passionate colleagues
  • Chance to travel to multiple conferences and conventions around the world
  • Access to any board games at our office
  • Monthly board game nights
  • Monthly team breakfasts
  • Creative freedom – this company was founded on crazy ideas, and we want yours!

We’re Currently Seeking

Lead Artist

You will be in charge of designing the overall look and feel of interactive board game tutorials… [read more]

Senior Unity Developer

You will be communicating with the art, design, and audio teams and creating solutions for their designs. You will be working on the Unity side to create functionality for Dized… [read more]

Senior React Developer

You will be communicating with the art, design, and audio teams and creating tools for their designs.. You will be using web based technologies (React and HTML5) to implement content creation tools for Dized… [read more]

Social Media Manager

You will work closely with our marketing and brand managers, as well as the core Dized team to generate social media and community content… [read more]

Crowdfunding Expert

You will work with the social media and marketing managers to create a super successful crowdfunding campaign for Dized. A strong understanding and experience with crowdfunding campaigns is crucial… [read more]

Marketing Manager

You will work closely with the core Dized team and the social media manager to create a cohesive brand and marketing strategy. You will set the public-facing image and tone for our brand… [read more]