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Race to the North Pole Game Box

Race to the North Pole

Race to the North Pole is a family-friendly exciting competition through the arctic wilderness that is easy to play but hard to master!

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We are here to make board gaming better for everyone.

The company was founded when two enthusiastic game designers had an idea:

Wouldn’t it be awesome to start creating fantastic board games and put them out there for everyone to enjoy!

After publishing Race to the North Pole they had an idea: to make board games more accessible by developing Dized™, a smart device app with interactive tutorials that teach you to play while you play, alone or in groups!

We are here to make board gaming better for everyone. The company was founded when we, two enthusiastic game designers Jouni Jussila and Tomi Vainikka, decided that there isn’t anything better that we could do with our lives than design fantastic games and put them out there for everyone to enjoy.



You spoke, we listened: Dized is evolving!

Hi there, Starting from April 30, the Dized app Beta won't be available any longer from either the App Store or Google Play – a brand new, completely redesigned version of Dized is in the works! Over the past few months we received a lot of useful feedback from people...

How we upload our images to Facebook with maximum quality

Recently our artist got fed up. He got tired of seeing his beautifully crafted images lose all quality when uploaded to Facebook. We tried many combination of image sizes, formats, and resolutions - every image we put on Facebook seemed to upload horribly. We got to a...

Spiel 2016

SPIEL - a convention that can be thoroughly summarized by saying "and I thought Gen Con was huge!". 4 days, 160,000+ attendees, and spiral potatoes on sticks. Read on to find out all about our adventures in the land of beer and bratwurst. Setting Up It seemed that...

Gen Con 2016 @ Indianapolis, Indiana // 4. – 7.8.

Gen Con is the original, longest-running, best-attended, gaming convention in the world! That sounds like something we shouldn't miss! This blog post covers our trip from Helsinki to Indianapolis and our stay at Gen Con 2016. Roughly two months after UKGE, it was time...

We are heading to Gen Con 2016!

Oooooh yeaaaah! It's Gen Con time! Gen Con 2016 (4-7th of August) is just about to begin and it's pretty much impossible NOT to be excited about it! Last year there were over 60000 unique visitors and 500+ exhibitors, but those numbers will surely be exceeded this...

UK Games Expo 2016 // 3-5.6.2016

We started our summer in the beginning of June with a trip to the land of tea and lemon. No, not South Africa - but England! Although the tea and lemons were quite difficult to locate (hidden in the hotel room cupboard), our trip was a major success on multiple...

Italy calling!

To finish up our spring we had one more expo to go - Play Modena in Italy. Race to the North Pole was still fairly unknown in the pasta-country, but we decided it's time to make a change to that. We booked a trip to Modena for 4 days along with a pallet of Race to the...

Viva Las Vegas!

GAMA Trade Show was a bit of a mystery for us. We heard before both really positive things about it while other people were saying, that it’s not an event that we’d benefit that much. We decided to give it a go, and why not? A week in Vegas doesn't sound too bad. But,...

Spring came early … In France!

We had heard a lot of good things about the board gaming event Festival Des Jeux in Cannes. We also heard that it’s meant mostly for the French audience - but even with our limited French skills we didn't let that stop us. Our main objective was to scout the event -...